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Local Business Awards Finalist 2023
Get a FREE On-The-Spot Pest Advice With Your Pest Problems
Call Us Now: 0407 065 413

Pest Control Services for Aged-Care and Retirement Facility

As an expert, we manage several residential aged-care and retirement facility in Canberra, giving retirement to maintain pest control at the highest level.


Your Expert Professional Services Provider

Aged-care and retirement facility

As pest control experts, we manage several residential aged care facilities in Canberra and NSW area, giving retirement villages and individual living units our specialised knowledge needed to maintain pest management at the highest level. 

Pest management is required to provide professional and regular pest management services to these facilities to heighten safety awareness. All credentials to provide services for these kinds of environments are acquired and legal. For more information, feel free to contact us at 0407 065 413.

Preparing For Your Service

For All Services


As our technicians need to have easy access to equipment and products, we will need to park our vehicles within close proximity to your business. Please set the best parking arrangement that will suit your business property and advise us upon booking. In situations that we need to park in a parking station to have entry to your business, please be aware that parking fees will be added to your invoice for payment.



It is best that you are present during the time of service to provide access to all important areas that need to be inspected or treated. It is also advised that you unlock external gates and remove or move any objects that can hinder the inspection or treatment process.



Allergies or any health conditions of anyone present on the day of service must be reported to our staff upon booking your appointment. Please also advise our technicians on the field on the day of service. By doing so, we can provide advice and necessary precautions for your health and safety.



Payment will be required upon completion of service on the day. Cash, credit cards, debit cards or cheques are accepted. We do not issue credit accounts for direct deposit to our bank account unless a credit application has been submitted and approved by A1 Pest Control Canberra.


Weather Concerns

Please contact our office if you are anxious about the weather affecting the process on the day of service. We will advise you about the available options on the day concerning the service you had arranged.



We are proud and confident in the services we provide. Most of them come with a warranty, but please be aware that certain factors can affect its approval. You will be properly informed by our technician if there are situations that will affect your warranty. We will also discuss with you if the services you arranged comes with a warranty or not, or if follow-ups are needed.


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